News: 2084, an immersive Orwell experience, comes to Manchester

A new production inspired by George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984 is set to open at Manchester Central Library next month. 2084 takes the audience inside a totalitarian state that monitors every act, word and thought of its citizens. In the era of Facebook, Google and Amazon, when everyone is tracked, analysed and influenced, George Orwell’s powerful vision has never been closer to realisation.

The production is set in a future where the state claims be the only guarantor of order, but order comes at the price of absolute obedience. 2084 tells the story of two people who defy the regime and find that their intimate secrets are turned against them with shattering consequences. Writer Adam Taub comments: “When it was published, Orwell’s novel shocked readers with its vision of the future. 2084 updates that vision and explores how fragile are the freedoms that we take for granted.”

This immersive experience places the audience at the heart of the action. Each person must decide what price they would pay to defy a regime that seeks to control them. Starring Aamira Challenger (Romeo & Juliet, Ostalgie), Robin Hellier (The Lehman Trilogy, The Hunted) and Simon Gleave (Bleak House, Metamorphosis), 2084 is directed by immersive theatre expert Rosanna Mallinson (Silhouette in the Smoke, Dead Quiet).

The production is being premiered in Manchester Central Library and is presented by Pure Expression, the immersive theatre company behind the sell-out production of Frankenstein in 2018. Pure Expression is an immersive theatre company that re-imagines classic stories in unique locations.

2084 is playing at Manchester Central Library from 5 to 14 February. To buy tickets, visit

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