News: Acts of Disunion to play at White Bear Theatre

As the United Kingdom prepares to leave the European Union, debut playwright Alex Hayward and director Rachael Bellis (Antigone, Fear and Misery of the Third Reich), in association with White Bear Theatre, present two different yet unique visions of Brexit Britain.

BUTTON: In a dystopian future, a catastrophic event has forced Earth and its inhabitants into underground bunkers. One bunker is fitted with a self-destruct button, which everyone is warned against pressing. What happens when people vote for the unthinkable? After years of darkness, will they live to see the light, or bring about their own annihilation?

KINGDOM: In an uncertain present, one elderly man and his sick wife are being forced out of their home by a new development. A well-meaning son tries to make his father see sense and leave the past behind. When an unexploded bomb is discovered beneath the property, both men will confront their differences and what it means to be British in an era of globalisation and gentrification.

Acts of Disunion is the debut work of playwright Alex Hayward, and is directed by Rachael Bellis, whose credits include Antigoneat the Bread and Roses Theatre and Fear and Misery of the Third Reich at the Jack Studio Theatre.

The cast includes Zari Lewis (Theatre Royal Stratford East), Howard Lewis Morgan (Richmond Theatre), Paul Boichat (Old Red Lion) and Dave Lee (Old Red Lion).

Acts of Disunion is playing at the White Bear Theatre on March 16 (2.30pm) and March 18 (7.00pm).

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