News: Immersive treasure hunt show inspired by The Tempest to play at Brighton Fringe

Spun Glass Theatre presents an immersive treasure hunt show, This Noisy Isle, taking audiences on a journey through a strange, magical new world at Brighton Fringe 2019. Inspired by The Tempest, this classic play is adapted to help make concepts of human displacement and the challenges faced by migrants to the UK accessible to a young audience.

An outdoor adventure with puzzles and sprites, audiences must steer their team through choppy seas to search for a new home and find where they belong. Miranda, Caliban, Prospero and Ariel lead audiences on an exciting treasure hunt to learn about how people integrate in new countries with new languages.

This Noisy Isle uses a distinct blend of immersive theatre and street gaming to create an exciting and vibrant production. Ingenious design by Anna Orton draws the audience into the mysterious world of The Island to acquaint them with a key text of the British Canon. This compelling and imaginative show engages a new generation of theatre-goers with a radically different format to introduce them to difficult topics.

Human displacement is one of the defining issues of our time with 65 million people globally displaced – almost one in every 100. Infusing crucial social concerns with magic and poetry, This Noisy Isle widens children’s awareness of the challenges faced by migrants and refugees when arriving in new countries, such as learning new languages while trying to find new homes and communities. It also provides them with an opportunity for self-expression and to share their own understanding.

Director Ross Drury commented: “Part treasure hunt, part immersive storytelling and loads of other little theatrical bits all add up to a fun and thought-provoking day out. This Noisy Isle relishes in its illusion and asks for a child’s imagination to solve puzzles, figure out clues, and heal the wounds left by war.”

This Noisy Isle is generously supported by funding from Arts Council England.

This Noisy Isle is running at Brighton Spiegeltent from Friday 31 May to Sunday 2 June 2019.

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