News: Final 4 weeks to see Rosmersholm at the Duke of York’s Theatre

There are now just 4 weeks left to see Rosmersholm at the Duke of York’s Theatre. Henrik Ibsen’s classic examination of a country in state of political flux has been adapted by Duncan Macmillan and directed by Ian Rickson. Tom Burke plays the soulful John Rosmer, Hayley Atwell is the free-spirited Rebecca West, and Giles Terera is Andreas Kroll, a powerful moral voice. The cast also includes Lucy Briers as Mrs Helseth, Jake Fairbrother as Peter Mortensgaard and Peter Wight as Ulrik Brendel.

An election looming. A country on the brink. A rabid press baying for blood. At the centre of the storm is Rosmer’s home, the grand house of an influential dynasty. This is where the future will be decided by John Rosmer – a man torn between the idealised hope of the future and the ghosts of his past.

The production is accompanied by set and costumes by Rae Smith, lighting by Neil Austin, music by Stephen Warbeck and sound by Gregory Clarke. Casting is by Amy Ball CDG.

As part of the Legacy and Impact Strategy for Waltham Forest’s year as the London Borough of Culture 2019, the Cultural Leadership Programme aims to empower 100 young people from across the borough to access creative work-related opportunities which are normally out of reach. Through a three-month programme of paid work experience (3-10 days), networking events, skills and leadership workshops and cultural experiences, the programme will help build the skills, expertise and networks necessary for navigating and influencing the cultural industries. The programme will empower those who are underrepresented in the cultural industries: women, and those from BAME and lower socio-economic backgrounds, and will tailor opportunities to the individual’s work, study or family commitments. The producers of Rosmersholm are delighted to be supporting this programme on Monday 24 June when a group of young people will attend the performance of Rosmersholm and will take part in a post-show discussion with the full cast, hosted by Ian Rickson.

To book tickets to Rosmersholm, please visit

Photo credit: Johan Persson

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