News: Aslant Theatre Company presents debut production, MUSE

In a Parisian café a young, raven-haired woman plays a dangerous game. The year is 1936. The fascist regimes that will soon lead to WWII and the unraveling of Europe are on the rise. Based on the life of surrealist photographer Dora Maar and her relationship with Pablo Picasso, Aslant Theatre Company’s debut production MUSE explores the inherent violence of the relationship between artist and muse.

In anticipation of the largest retrospective of Dora Maar’s work at the Tate Modern later this year, MUSE takes the audience on a surreal journey through time, colors, tears, and fragments. The production asks what is the price to pay for a place in the long halls of art history as Picasso’s “Weeping Woman”.

“I was your weeping woman. You took my tears, my pain, my sanity, my art, and put them in your painting. Have them — they are yours. You can’t erase them now… My tears will haunt your canvas forever. But I won’t weep for you anymore.”
— Dora Maar, MUSE

Antonia Georgieva employs the poetic form to explore the untold side of the story. Her eclectic direction combines elements of devising and original music composed by Timna Lugstein with the existing script to create the surreal world of reflections and distortions. Georgieva is the recipient of the Seymour Brick Memorial Prize for Playwriting (2017) and the Austin E. Quigley Prize in Drama (2018) awarded by Columbia University.

MUSE plays at Camden People’s Theatre from 22 – 25th August. 

Photo credit: Timna Lugstein

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