News: PARENTHOOD comes to The Space

Fluffy TOP Productions, a Kent-based Theatre Company, are bringing an original and exciting musical to the London Stage, called PARENTHOOD – The (Brand New!) Musical Revue. The show is based on the highs and lows, successes and failures of modern parenting and it is pack with humour and an exciting original score.

The nine-strong cast consist of: Emily Clare, Katie Rayner, Heather Broderick, Naomi Jones, Astra Beadle, Jordan Brown, Jordan – David Copping, Bruce Hanson and Jake Pearse who are all working as an ensemble to bring the #parentingwins and #parentingfails to life.

The show has been written by husband and wife team, Pete and Emily Moody. Pete Moody is a leading vocal coach and musician with many years experience in writing and producing music, his work has appeared on television shows, adverts, radio, albums. Writing a musical has always been on Pete’s bucket list and together with his wife Emily, he has brought this ambition to life.

Emily is a singer/actress with an extensive list of professional credits under her belt, from television, adverts, stage and musicals as well as singing in West End concerts and revues and the Indigo2 at the O2 Arena. Emily and Pete have drawn on their own personal experiences of being parents to Charlotte, 18, Anthony, 16 and Tommy 5 to create a show that will have the audience laughing along in recognition of the amazing and sometimes absurd situations we find ourselves in as parents. The show takes the audience on a journey from that initial moment of discovering you are having a baby, right up to being a grand-parent, and everything in between.

Despite the upbeat and catchy score, and bright a colourful poster, this is a show that is most definitely for grown-ups only, so leave the little ones at home, and come and have a great night out with the cast of PARENTHOOD – The (Brand New!) Musical Revue.

PARENTHOOD is running at The Space from 23 – 27 July. 

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