News: Easy comes to the Blue Elephant Theatre

“My best friend Meg actually lost it last week, to her boyfriend Amir.

Apparently he lit candles.

Magical, was the word she used.”

Alice would give anything for something magical to happen to her. But she’s shy, has no idea how to contour and the last thing she loved was a roast potato. She feels ordinary. Unremarkable. Unpopular.

Until Jamie from Maths messages her.

Finally, something is about to happen to Alice. Something big. Something she won’t ever forget.

Easy is a powerful new play by Amy Blakelock, exploring what happens when we combine social media, Love Island ideals, Snapchat and teenage insecurity. An intimate portrait of adolescence, Easy is a public call for open and honest conversations about sex, bodies and demanding respect for ourselves. Developed in in consultation with teachers and teenagers, and supported by PSHE specialists and sexual health charity Brook, this is a one-woman show that strikes at the heart of contemporary conversations about how we talk to young people about sex and relationships, and how a reluctance to talk can affect the lives of young women in a social media age. Easy is supported by Arts Council England and Blue Elephant Theatre.

Easy runs at the Blue Elephant Theatre from 5- 23 November 2019.

Directed by Hannah de Ville

Written by Amy Blakelock

Produced by Laura Furner in association with Paradox Theatre

Alice is performed by Robyn Wilson

Set and Costume Designer – Verity Johnson

Lighting Designer – Dan Saggars

Composer / Sound Designer – Anna Clock

Stage Manager – Sam Hackney-Ring

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