News: Sex/Crime to transfer to Soho Theatre

In a fractured and divided city, two men; ‘A’ and ‘B’, meet to recreate the killings of a famous gay serial killer; for their own pleasure…and the right price.

“Everything else is tumbling down
Falling apart
But not you and me
You and me are going to hold tight
You and me are just right”

An exciting, challenging play that explores sex, violence, language, fear, intimacy, division, power and queerness, Sex/Crime is a controversial and shocking statement on the state of today, both a hard-hitting ‘in ya face’ drama and an outrageous comedy.

Following a sell-out run at alternative East End queer venue, The Glory, in 2018, Sex/Crime now transfers to Soho Theatre, Upstairs from 21 January to 1 February, 2020.

Sex/Crime is written by playwright and performer Alexis Gregory whose recent self- performed slow show ‘Riot Act’ played to great acclaim in the West End, Arcola Theatre and on a UK tour. It heads out on another UK tour in February 2020. Gregory acts in the piece opposite celebrated alternative drag legend Jonny Woo in a rare acting role

Olivier Award winning lighting designer Mike Robertson returns to light the production. It is directed by multi award-winning theatre and opera director Robert Chevara. Produced by Alexis Gregory and Emmerson and Ward.

Robert Chevara said: “Sex/Crime is a mixture of treacle-black humour, insanity and life at the edge of delirium. It’s also a powerful statement on how we all live today and the isolation which pushes us to the extremes of experience. It’s an atomic bomb of theatrical power, daring and the pursuit of desire and fulfilment at any cost. Hilarious. Dangerous. Tragic.”

Sex/Crime runs at the Soho Theatre from 21 January to 1 February, 2020.

Photo credit: Matt Spike

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