News: Rehearsal images released for Before I Was A Bear

Rehearsal images have been released for Before I Was A Bear, which opens at the Bunker Theatre next week.

Award-winning actor Jacoba Williams (A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Shakespeare’s Globe; Queens of Sheba – Winner of The Stage Award, Vault Festival, New Diorama) takes an animalistic turn in this coming of age tale, revamping the classic Greek myth of nymph-turned-bear for a modern audience, directed by Aneesha Srinivasan (Origin Stories: scratch night, the CentrE17; The Palestinian in the Basement is on Fire, Southwark Playhouse).

Before I Was A Bear presents a darkly comic tale from a female perspective, exploring the shame and treatment that comes with stepping outside of the mundane to claim your own agency.

The effects of carnal lust have turned Cally into a bear. An actual bear. Through adolescence, ambiguous relationships and the spark of a sexual awakening, the whole suddenly-a-bear situation is brought to light. Is this a blessing or a curse?

Before I Was A Bear will run at The Bunker from Tuesday 12th to Saturday 23rd November. 

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Photo credit: Tara Rooney 

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