News: Theatre Lab Company presents new production of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations at The Playground Theatre

Everyone in this story had great expectations: betterment, revenge, love, fortune, redemption, freedom. It all started with a beautiful young bride, in love, on her wedding day, many years before. The wedding never happened. The clocks stopped at twenty to nine on that ill fated day at Satis House, and she has a story to tell.

How did the ecstasy of love turn into a pursuit for revenge? Why did Pip, a young orphan, long to be a gentleman? How did a convict find freedom and redemption? How did a beautiful young girl grow up without a heart? How were they all victims of great expectations? Back and forth through the lives of Miss Havisham, Pip and Estella, the mysteries of Satis House are unravelled, and the stories of Dickens’ famous
and much loved characters unfold.

Theatre Lab Company, the creators of the applauded production of Jamaica Inn are known for dynamic, daring and visually stunning work, and at the same time, creating accessible and engaging theatre for a wide audience. Their profile includes classics, devised and musical productions as well as classical and contemporary Greek theatre. Recent London performances include Molière’s Don Juan at Hoxton Hall, Daphne du Maurier’s Jamaica Inn at Tabard Theatre and Mothers and Lovers and Brecht’s A Respectable Wedding at The Playground Theatre.

Cast: Helen Bang (Miss Havisham), Samuel Lawrence (Pip), Denise Moreno (Estella), David Furlong (Jaggers), Peter Rae (Magwitch), Matthew Wade (Joe Gargery), Fanny Dulin (Mrs Joe/Molly), Shaun Amos (Herbert Pocket).

Director: Anastasia Revi, Adapted by: Lydia Vie, Designer: Eirini Kariori, Lighting Designer: Chuma Emembolu Producer: Martina Reynolds.

Theatre Lab Company presents Great Expectations at The Playground Theatre from Sunday 15 December – Sunday 29 December 2019.



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