News: Jekyll / Hyde game comes to the VAULT Festival

Fire Hazard Games is launching an exciting, new urban game for adults, based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s Gothic masterpiece, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Exploring schisms of identity, the unreliability of memory, moral conflict, terrible ambition, and unbridled hedonism, Jekyll / Hyde confronts players, asking what they would do if they could get away with murder.

Waking up to the aftermath of Mr Hyde, players are plunged into a thrilling world of investigation and moral ambiguity as their twisted deeds from the night before are revealed. Taking on the role of Dr Jekyll, they must retrace their steps to uncover their hidden past and make decisions about their future, all while under increasing time pressure.

Presented in association with VAULT Festival – London’s biggest, boldest and adventurous arts festival – and using Fire Hazard’s unique blend of mobile game, real-world scavenger hunt, narrative storytelling and performers, Jekyll / Hyde is a theatrical adventure across both the virtual and real world. Players will be guided through the game by a web app on their phones to encounter a cast of characters on their way through the dark and sinister Lambeth streets.

Michelle Hudson, producer at Fire Hazard, says, We’re always looking for new ways to put the audience at the heart of our stories. With Jekyll / Hyde, we’re giving audiences the chance to explore the darker sides of their own psyches. This is also Fire Hazard’s first time as part of VAULT Festival and we’re thrilled to take part in this cornerstone of London’s cultural scene.

Players can participate solo, in a pair or in a group of up to three – all that’s needed is a phone and a desire to play! Fire Hazard’s recent real-life immersive games include the critically acclaimed 80 Days: A Real-World Adventure, The Hunted Experience and John Le Carre’s The Circus.

Jekyll / Hydewill be running from Wednesday 12th February to Sunday 22nd March 2020 as part of the VAULT Festival.

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