News: Rehearsal images released for Trainers at the Gate Theatre

Rehearsal images have been released for Trainers, or, the Brutal Unpleasant Atmosphere of this Most Disagreeable Season: A Theatrical Essay, which opens at the Gate Theatre from the end of February.

Hester Chillingworth directs Nicki Hobday and Nando Messias in Sylvan Oswald’s radical new work Trainers… a queer, visionary adventure story, which asks what separates us from each other, our bodies, and ourselves, and how we might complete one another.

See rehearsal photos below!

Set in a post gender future, Trainers… is part essay and part play. It follows a struggling writer who falls in with a group of depressed queer revolutionaries during a future civil war. Inspired by an essay by the French philosopher Michel de Montaigne and the story of his intellectual love affair with political thinker Etienne de la Boetie, the text explores what it takes to challenge the politics of one’s time and how we can train for a revolution.

Trainers… runs at the Gate Theatre from 27 February to 21 March.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photography: Alex Harvey-Brown


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