Interview with Scarlett Brookes

Following a sell-out run in 2017, the revival of Karoline Leach’s thriller, Tryst, returns to the Chiswick Playhouse this month. I caught up with Scarlett Brookes, Adelaide Pinchin, to find out more.

How did you first get into theatre?
I started out doing drama at school, fell in love with acting, so went to youth theatre and eventually went to drama school. I was lucky enough to go to RADA and did three years there training in Acting.

Can you tell me about Tryst?
Tryst is a two-hander set in Edwardian London. Two people meet and fall in love and the play follows their journey together and separately. All is not what it seems, and the two characters, George and Adelaide, engage in power battles and we see the dynamics shift.

What attracted you to the play and your character?
The challenges of doing a two-hander and the opportunity to work with Fred (Perry) & Phoebe (Barran) who have done this show before, who are really lovely. I feel an infinity with the character Adelaide – she’s not what she seems at first sight! And I’m looking forward to exploring her relationship with herself and George.

Can you describe your character in three words?
Kind, passionate, courageous

What can audiences expect?
They can expect a rollercoaster piece that moves incredibly quickly and takes the audience on an emotional journey to a startling climax. It’s both funny and at times dark – there’s definitely something for everyone.

What would you like the play to achieve?
I want the audience to be able to relate and empathise to the characters in the same way I did when I first read it. I want the audience to be genuinely intrigued and leave the theatre having had an experience they won’t forget and having heard a shocking true story. I guarantee there will be people searching the internet to find out the amazing true facts behind it all.

Tryst runs at the Chiswick Playhouse until Saturday 29 February 2020.

Photo credit: Savannah Photography

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