News: h Club announces survey exhibition of women artists in Israel

h Club London (formerly The Hospital Club) in association with Embassy of Israel, London and in partnership with The Israel Tourist Office are proud to announce a brand new exhibition coming to h Club London’s gallery this spring. Dialogue: A survey exhibition of women artists in Israel brings together a selection of work from contemporary female artists in Israel who are enjoying international success via some of Israel’s most prominent art institutions and gallery spaces. The exhibition runs from 17th April – 29th April. It is a completely free of charge, non-ticketed event open to members and the public, with a private view on Thursday 16th April from 6pm – 8pm.

The inspiration for the exhibition came from curator Ali Hillman’s BFAMI (British Friends of the Art Museums Israel) cultural tour of Israel, where she was struck by the diversity of the artists and their varying perspectives in a country that faces complex challenges. Israel’s art world embraces women from all backgrounds, exhibiting their work in museums across the region. On exhibition at the time there was a prevalence of female artists whose work will be displayed at h Club, including Fatma Shanan, Michal Raz, Tal Shochat, Zoya Cherkassky, Yael Frank, Natalia Zourabova, Maria Saleh Mahameed and Nirit Takele. Each of the exhibiting artists raises her unique voice, showcasing their creative interpretation of subjects such as identity, feminism, tradition, patriarchalism and religion.

In addition, The Art Museums of Israel support inclusive education programmes for children, bringing together multicultural groups taught in Arabic and Hebrew and even further languages such as Russian and Amharic. These programmes, supported by BFAMI are populated mainly by female art teachers, empowering communities, promoting coexistence and inclusiveness. This exhibition pays tribute to the role of art in bringing people together, inspiring unity, dialogue and a deeper understanding of another person’s experience or point of view.

A proportion of proceeds of sales from the exhibition will support multicultural educational programmes run by Art Museums in Israel, which teach groups in Arabic, Hebrew and other languages, supported by BFAMI.

Dialogue will highlight the work of a mixture of Arabic and Jewish female artists, all practicing in Israel today. The exhibition hopes to expose their incredible work to a UK audience and celebrate art’s ability to promote education and exchange.

Ali Hillman, h Club said: “We decided to title this exhibition “Dialogue” to address the need for cultural and creative exchange. As an art curator that champions women, it is especially rewarding to recognise this cross generational, diverse talent – and in the process raise funds for multicultural education, bringing together Arab and Jewish, or rather children of various ethnicities in Israel. I am incredibly grateful to BFAMI and the museums of Israel for bringing to my attention the work of these artists. Connecting with these incredible women and discovering their practice has been an opportunity to deepen my knowledge and understanding of the local art market and their individual backgrounds and personal history. I am so proud to have a platform here in London to share this work and feel very indebted to the h club for hosting this work.”

HE Mark Regev, Ambassador of Israel added: “This exhibition at h Club is a wonderful opportunity for Britons to celebrate and appreciate the work of so many talented female Israeli artists. Just like the UK, Israel is a proud champion of freedom, tolerance and pluralism, which enables our creative scene to stand out for its vibrancy, inclusiveness and success.”

h Club London will also be partnering with Middle Eastern restaurant, ‘Honey & Co’ to host a pop-up in the h Club restaurant on Friday 17th April. This will be available to book for h Club members.

Dialogue: A Survey exhibition of female artists in Israel is showing at the h club from Friday 17th – Wednesday 29th April 2020.

Photo: Target Live

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