News: Production images released for The Special Relationship at Soho Theatre

Production images have been released for The Special Relationship at the Soho Theatre. Directed by Esther Baker, the show dramatizes the true stories and real lives caught up in the US judicial system (with echoes of the recent Windrush generation deportations) and written by award-winning playwright Hassan Abdulrazzak.

A grain of cocaine, a digit on a breathalyser, a forged cheque, a DEA sting or murder one?

Caught in the transatlantic tango between Trump and May and proudly presented by a gun-toting Immigration officer, these are verbatim stories of double punishment and separation.

Gripping accounts of justice and separation brought to vivid dramatic life in a fast-paced and theatrically daring production using savage comedy, surreal metaphor and verbatim testimony from those who ended up on the wrong side of the criminal justice system.

Developed from interviews with ex-prisoners and experts in immigration and criminal law, the award-winning playwright Hassan Abdulrazzak carves a rich dramatic narrative and uncovers vital questions around identity and place as he gets behind the political rhetoric of those caught up in the quagmire of immigration detention and deportation.

The full cast is Amrita Acharia (Good Karma Hospital/Because the Night) as Anne, Moyo Akandé (Vera/Still Game) as Clodine, Nicholas Beveney (Noughts and Crosses/ Black Earth Rising (BBC) as Curtis, Yvette Boakye (Love The Sinner/Top Trumps) as Nikol, Miranda Foster (The Man/Dance Nation) as Kathy and Theresa May, Fergal McElherron (The Ferryman/Guy Richie’s King Arthur) as Patrick and Boris Johnson and Duncan Wiseby (Dead Ringers/London Road) as John and Donald Trump.

The Special Relationship runs at the Soho Theatre until Saturday 21 March.

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