News: Production images released for Nuclear War, Buried & Graceland

Production images have been released for the Old Red Lion’s triptych of Nuclear War, Buried and Graceland, which is running until 21 March.

Directed by Alexander Knott, Nuclear War will be brought to life by Zöe Grain (Oneness, Southwark Playhouse; Hedgehog, BoxLess; LOOP, tour) and Freya Sharp (Cockroached, Pleasance; Twelfth Night, Box Clever Theatre; A Christmas Carol, Albany Theatre). This revival of Stephens’ suggestive and experimental Nuclear War follows a woman trying to experience everything life has to offer, just to feel something again.

Based on the nerve-racking true story of Max Spencer who was buried alive in World War II, Buried, written by Max’s son David Spencer, will be performed by Max’s grandson James Demaine (Bath, The Bread & Roses Theatre; LOOP, tour; Beauty and the Beast, Square Chapel Arts Centre). This groundbreaking anti-war play takes an honest look at the human condition.

Darkness looms over the classroom in Graceland, by emerging talent Max Saunders-Singer, which will be performed by TV regular Anthony Cozens (Doctor Who, Sherlock and The Last Kingdom, BBC). Pushed to the edge by his wife – and Elvis Presley – Cozens’ overworked and harassed science teacher is just one small spark away from combustion.

Nuclear War, Buried and Graceland will be running at the Old Red Lion Theatre until Saturday 21st March.

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Photo credit: Charles Flint Photography


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