News: Olivier Award-winning Showstoppers present interactive, musical Online Storytime

Showstopper! The Improvised Musical has been a rip-roaring success since 2008 with two West End runs, an Olivier award,  a BBC Radio 4 series and 12 sell-out years at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Now The Showstoppers’ are turning their improv talents to entertain kids during lockdown with a series of  ‘Online Storytime’ adventures.

Armed with dozens of brilliant ideas from youngsters from age 3 to 13 all sent in via social media, The Showstoppers create marvellous, musical, interactive adventures all locked down from their own homes. Based entirely on children’s suggestions, the stories are improvised at home, recorded and edited into brand new content for families.  The kids decide where the story is set, who the characters are, the title of the story and off we go! So, if they want to see dragons on the moon fighting alien fairies, or angry sheep eating bananas under the sea, all they need to do is suggest it, and The Showstoppers will make it happen!

‘Online Storytime – The Space Wars’ is available at

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