Interview with Emily Beecher

While The Good Enough Mums Club, a poignant and hilarious musical romp, undergoes new development in lockdown, the team have announced a new podcast series to explore the highs, lows and sleep deprivation of motherhood during this especially challenging time. I caught up with the show’s creator Emily Beecher to find out more.

Can you tell me a bit about The Good Enough Mums Club?
The Good Enough Mums Club is a musical that is written directed, produced and performed by mums, with a creative team that is also very mum-heavy! It is a toddle through the highs, the lows and those sleep deprived years with many giggles and tears along the way.

Five very different Mums meet up weekly in a community centre, a place they can feel safe (and also get five minutes peace from the demands of parenting!) Through the time they spend together and some tough hurdles, they all discover how much they have in common and join forces to make the world – and each other’s lives – a little bit better!

What was the inspiration behind the podcast?
The stories of the characters in the show are all based on real experiences of motherhood that we collected during our workshops. Inclusivity and authenticity is incredibly important to us, so we go out into the world to gather these stories. We’ve met multi-generational mums at a Mosque in inner city Birmingham (they fed us so well!), middle class mothers in North London and also heard the stories of mums that live today in the shadow of Grenfell Tower. These stories are always amazing and important, and so we wanted to share them far and wide, so we set up the podcast alongside the show to be able to do this.

What can listeners expect?
Every episode will be unique! In-keeping with our drive for a more inclusive industry, we will be interviewing a very different mum every week, asking about her perspective on parenting. We know we can bring a more rounded point of view of motherhood to the platform. Some episodes are side-splittingly funny, others heart-breaking.

How have you found putting together this project in lockdown? 
It’s been a challenge in the sense that we cannot physically see each other during musical rehearsals and recording, so there are certain nuances we are missing, (also people usually bond during rehearsal tea breaks). However it’s also been a blessing as our cast and creative team are based all over the UK, meaning they don’t have to stress about commuting. Also, we have always had a child friendly rehearsal space, but rehearsing over Zoom really allows for it, further enriching the work and making our cast feel more comfortable.

How important is it to you to connect to other mothers during these challenging times?
It’s vital as mothers are feeling more isolated than ever. The lion’s share of childcare has fallen onto them for the last few months. They are home-schooling – something they weren’t prepared for (and never asked for) – and are disconnected from their support network of grandparents, family members and other mummy friends. We really want them to know that they are doing fabulously and are not alone.

What would you like the podcast to achieve?
We want to show the broad spectrum of motherhood. Getting diverse and untold stories out there has always been of the utmost importance to us and inclusivity is at the core of our beliefs. We want mums from every corner of motherhood to feel seen, valid and included, not isolated. We also want them all to know that sometime, being good enough is best!

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