News: Relative Motion And The Barn Theatre Release A Virtual Reality Production Of Christopher Marlowe’s Edward II

Virtual reality storytelling studio Relative Motion, in association with the Barn Theatre in Cirencester, have today released an eight-minute virtual reality experience of Scene 4 from Christopher Marlowe’s historic LGBTQ+ drama Edward II.

The eight-minute production reimagines this historic and iconic gay love story for a 21st century audience. Edward II VR is crafted for a Single-Audience-Member (SAM) who sits at the very centre of the story experience.

Available today to access free online (YouTube, Facebook), EDWARD II VR brings passion, intense drama, compelling performances and a stirring new score into the audience member’s phone/tablet and/or VR headset.

Edward II cemented Marlowe’s position as both a maverick playwright and a challenger of the status quo. By ‘staging the story’ around SAM, this new production highlights the parallels between homophobia, corruption and greed at the heart of power in Marlowe’s era and the intolerance and bias in the world today. Using the empathetic power of VR, Relative Motion and The Barn Theatre want to remind audiences that, up-close, we are all the same.

Edward II VR stars Nathan Ives-Moiba as Edward, Richard Pryal as Gaveston and Georgia Silver as Isabella and features an original score by Tom Adams. The production was captured on the stage at the Barn Theatre.

This production marks the first collaboration between Relative Motion and the Barn Theatre. Both companies have been acknowledged for their focus on technical innovation to support the creative process and audience experience as well as producing work for the “virtual stage”, particularly during lockdown.

Since its establishment in 2018, Relative Motion has been exploring the best ways to create work for virtual performance spaces – with actors, narratives, and an ‘audience-of-one’ – to craft exceptional story experiences.

The Barn Theatre have been commended for their creation and production of online digital theatrical productions including their re-imagined Shakespeare in lockdown series with Aaron Sidwell, Bard From The Barn, and their virtual concert series The Barn Presents:

Edward II VR, produced by Relative Motion in association with the Barn Theatre, features creative direction by Christopher Lane, technical direction by Andy Purves, production direction by Chloe Miller Smith, casting by Harry Blumenau and technical support from the Barn Theatre’s technical team: Chris Cleal, Benjamin Collins and Sami Wood.

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