News: District Theatre take over London’s abandoned office spaces

Revitalising disused office buildings across London and rebooting work morale for staff still at home, District Theatre have created some madcap digital hilarity for the new normal. Performed and streamed live from your company’s abandoned workspace, Murder on the 28th Floor is the fast-paced and hilarious reunion for teams stuck working from home.

Bringing people together again, via Zoom, this interactive and uniquely immersive whodunnit is a chance to digitally vacate the home office – spare room or kitchen table – and revisit the old for a one-of-a-kind theatrical experience. Clad in a variety of wigs and fake moustaches, actors take over a familiar space for a night-in like no other – will there be a body in the photocopier room? Or under the boss’s desk?

Resuscitating the social element of office-life, this is the perfect opportunity to see your colleagues again over something that isn’t work related. Participants can have an integral role interrogating potential suspects, solving crimes, and playing incredibly silly games, as they witness their office become the stage for this immersive Zoom spectacle.

Artistic Director Marie Hamilton commented: “For nearly seven months many people have been working remotely and only seeing their colleagues through a screen – we can’t change that, but we can flip it on its head and make a group call an absolute riot. It’s so important to laugh, no matter how dark things get.”

Co-Artistic Director, Christian Loveless added: “We wanted to make a show that would make the Zoom platform an advantage rather than taking anything away, and by using multiple laptops we realised we could do a scene-change in a second. The concept for the show was just a combination of what we thought would be the most fun – 80s-style cops, very high stakes, montage music and epic corridor chases – but in the very ordinary setting of an office block.”

A relatively new company, District Theatre was founded by Hamilton and Loveless last year, launching with their debut show The Town at the Drayton Arms Theatre in September 2019. Their tragicomedy we don’t have to do this, about their 60 days of protest outside Westminster, is currently in development.

Murder on the 28th Floor will run from Monday 2 November 2020 until Friday 29 January 2021.

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