News: Southwark Playhouse announces world premiere of two new musicals

Southwark Playhouse has announced two fully live streams of new musicals The Fabulist Fox Sister and Public Domain.

‘The Fabulist Fox Sister’
by Luke Bateman & Michael Conley 

“People want to believe in something. Why not this?” 

New York, 1892: Kate Fox, the woman who inadvertently invented séances is holding her last one. A final audience gathers in her apartment to watch as she conjures the ghosts of her two sisters to tell the story of their lives and the religion they accidently began. 

Loosely inspired by the loosely true story of Kate Fox, ‘The Fabulist Fox Sister’ is a silly, scathing and sardonic one-person musical inspired by our own era of approximate truth. 

In this world premiere conceived entirely for multi-camera streaming, the role of Kate will be played by Michael Conley who also wrote the book and lyrics. This won’t be the first time he’s played to an empty room, though it will be the first time it’s intentional! 

Directed by Adam Lenson with music by Luke Bateman and book and lyrics by Michael Conley ‘The Fabulist Fox Sister’delivers the magic of live theatre… but with more legroom and cheaper drinks! 

‘Public Domain’ 
by Francesca Forristal & Jordan Paul Clarke 

“…and just like that we felt a little less alone” 

Written and performed by Francesca Forristal & Jordan Paul Clarke, ‘Public Domain’ takes words spoken and typed on the internet in the past year to build a unique portrait of the digital world that is every bit as mesmerising as it is terrifying. This high-adrenaline, electronic thrill ride is made entirely from the words of YouTube vloggers, Instagram influencers, Facebook’s tech giants, and everyday internet users. 

A dark, funny, verbatim musical about the internet: those who own it; those who live in it; and you. It’s like ‘Black Mirror’ but real, and set to music. 

The first song from the show was written for ‘Newsfeed’, a 2019 Southwark Playhouse event that asked writers to create songs based on that week’s news. Exactly one year later this first iteration of the show returns to the same room where it began. 

This live concert staging is conceived specially for multi-camera streaming and will give audiences a first chance to experience the music, characters and story of ‘Public Domain’. 

‘The Fabulist Fox Sister’ will be streamed live on Friday 4 and Saturday 5 December and ‘Public Domain’ will be streamed live on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 December.

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