News: Morpheus announces new virtual shows Undercover and Spymaker

Following on from the success of Locked Down and All Hallow’s Eve, Morpheus will open two new virtual immersive shows this Christmas. Undercover is an espionage thriller suitable for audiences over 18 and Spymaker is created for teenagers aged 13-17.

Performances begin on 12 December for dates throughout the festive period and into the new year.

Both Undercover and Spymaker bring audiences in to an exhilarating, hilarious and unique world of secret agents, mysterious strangers and mindboggling encounters. As social distancing regulations continue to impact all of our lives across the globe, Morpheus’ new shows offer a fantastic way for friends, families and colleagues to connect with one another and share the thrill of immersive theatre in the safety of their own homes.

This is a theatrical experience like no other. Hosted online by live actors, audiences are invited to close their eyes and let Morpheus take control as they are guided on an entertaining and extraordinary sonic adventure. Groups of up to six people – each wearing headphones and a blindfold – are invited to join this sensory escapade via Zoom. Audiences don’t need to have the latest gadgets or be IT experts, they simply need a stable internet connection and desire to see the unseen.

Undercover begins with a mysterious group of elegantly dressed strangers; a night time rendezvous in the heart of the desert; a genius scientist in the clutches of the enemy; and a dangerous mission ahead. Who are these people? Spies? Undercover agents? And what are they doing here? It is up to you, the audience of this interactive, lively adventure, to discover the answers and do your country proud… But keep your wits about you – the desert at night does strange things to the brain, and nothing is quite as it seems!

Spymaker asks audiences aged 13+ if they have got what it takes to become a secret agent. Can you sneak behind enemy lines, uncover the mysterious invention of a crazy scientist, avoid the guards, and escape from a world gone mad!? Are you made of the right stuff? Spymaker takes teens on a thrilling, mind-bending mission, full of secrets and sabotage.

Tickets are available to book from

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