News: Frozen Light presents 2065: The Multi-Sensory Movie

Frozen Light will premiere their first digital production 2065: The Multi-Sensory Movie, an innovative and engaging digital experience designed to bring theatre to the homes of those with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD). The movie will be accompanied by a box of sensory props, allowing audiences to explore the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures of the world of 2065 while watching the film.

2065: The Multi-Sensory Movie, which was filmed in person after its tour was postponed due to Covid-19, follows a group of rebels living in a country run by an oppressive regime. The rebels exist in the shadows, keeping music alive in their hidden Nest with the belief that one day things will change, if they just keep imagining. Audiences will be directed by Frozen Light’s ‘archivist-rebel in residence’ who will signal when to use the ‘Rebel Pack’ of props to explore certain sensory moments throughout the film.

Covid-19 has exacerbated feelings of isolation for those with PMLD, with carers often feeling excluded from vital support. Frozen Light has created this production with the primary aim of making cultural experiences more accessible for audiences with complex needs; the film offers an escape while audiences can find joy in the sensory interactions. With repetition vital for people with PMLD, the ability to re-watch this production is an essential part of its accessibility.

Frozen Light are renowned for creating engaging and high-quality theatre for audiences with PMLD through combining multi-sensory moments, live music, signing and poetic language. 2065: The Multi-Sensory Movie has been carefully curated as a digital experience in collaboration with people with PMLD who, with the support of carers, provided invaluable feedback to ensure the utmost quality for the performance.

Amber Onat-Gregory, Co-Artistic Director of Frozen Light, commented: “We’re delighted to be able to reach audiences during this challenging time in the pandemic. We hugely miss engaging with audiences within a theatre setting but hope this film can bring some Frozen Light magic to people’s own homes.”

Lucy Garland, Co-Artistic Director of Frozen Light, comments, It’s been so exciting to explore a new medium. We hope that by working with film we will be able to share our productions with audiences we may not have met before.

2065: The Multi-Sensory Movie will be available from 29 March 2021. Tickets on sale from Monday 15 March at Tickets are strictly limited with only 200 sensory boxes available.

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