News: New musical adaptation of acclaimed novel The Ghost and Mrs. Muir in development

The acclaimed romantic-fantasy novel The Ghost and Mrs. Muir by R.A Dick will be adapted for the stage as a new musical. Under the direction of Kenneth Hoyt (The Blue Hour of Natalie Barney, Arcola; The Sea Plays, Old Vic Tunnels) this exciting project comes to fruition after a 26-year struggle to acquire the stage rights to the much beloved novel.

Best known for the charming 1947 film adaptation directed by Hollywood legend Joseph Mankiewicz (All About Eve; Cleopatra) and starring Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir is a timeless ghost-infused romance between a new widow, Lucy Muir, and the ghost of Daniel Gregg, a sea captain. Through this uncommon companionship, Mrs. Muir learns to find liberation from her grief and loneliness, showcasing the boundless nature of true love, and its ability to transcend this life and beyond.

The exciting project has been taking shape for some time. Director Kenneth Hoyt commented: “I have known all these years that there is a lush and sweeping musical lurking in the pages of the novel. It is a period piece yes, and I do think it holds a sort of classicism in its DNA, but at its heart it is a love story, albeit a haunted one. I have never understood the idea of an “old fashioned” romance. Romance doesn’t go out of style. I’m excited and very thankful to be part of any adaptation based on this lovely novel.  It has an illustrious history and a stage version seems a natural fit.”

The team for The Ghost and Mrs. Muir is currently being assembled and further creatives will be announced in due course at

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