News: Adam Kenwright launches stage and screen company

Adam Kenwright is today pleased to announce the launch of Kindred Partners, a new company for the theatre industry. Dealing in Production and creative development, Kenwright is joined by Founder & Managing Partner Diane Borger, alongside additional Founders and Partners Amanda Murray, Chris Ryan, Claudia Brunning and Luke Johnson.

Adam Kenwright said: “I’m thrilled to confirm today that Amanda, Chris, Claudia, Diane, Luke and I have teamed up on this new venture, developing projects for screen and stage. Each one of these visionary leaders bring with them decades of experience, and I couldn’t be more excited about our future adventures together.”

Kindred Partners is embarking on a journey to bring production, creative development, key stage finance and international business consultation and for both stage and screen under one roof. From nurturing new writing, to creating future international partnerships for existing work, Kindred Partners will strive to empower visionaries and generate opportunities for artistic excellence. Through transparency, generosity and collaboration, Kindred Partners are determined to achieve the best possible experiences for artists, investors and audiences.

In 2017, Claire and Adam Kenwright set-up the Hope Kenwright Foundation in memory of Adam’s grandmother and began a 3-year series of donations and philanthropy to theatres, arts-based charities and causes close to their hearts. That charitable entity has now become the Kindred Foundation, which with initial financial support from Adam, Claire and each one of the Kindred Partners team, will be dedicated to creating opportunities in the workplace via paid 2-year apprenticeships, working with Kindred Partners as well as additional screen and stage production entities.

Kindred Partners will donate a percentage of gross revenue to the Kindred Foundation. Our focus is to extend opportunities to individuals from protected characteristic demographics, and those social economic groups not normally able to afford to begin a career in the London or New York arts sector without financial support.

Bursary Training Scheme – with a focus on accelerating the professional development for underrepresented social and economic groups, The Kindred Foundation will fuel opportunities through a two-year apprenticeship with a professional coaching and mentoring scheme, concentrating on Finance, Marketing, General Management and Production. Through a partnership with both subsidised, not-for-profit arts organisations and with quality training facilitated through a unique relationship with Warwick Business School, Kindred Partners will endeavour to further develop the careers of two individuals each year, with a salary of £27,000 per annum. Applications open in September.

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