News: Aslant Theatre Company to make digital Brighton Fringe debut with the interactive piece Echo/Chamber

The Offie Award-nominated Aslant Theatre Company, led by Artistic Director Antonia Georgieva, will make their first foray into digital performance with Echo/Chamber. Partnering with director and theatre-maker Oliver McFadden, the company’s latest work will premiere as part of The Living Record’s digital line-up at Brighton Fringe, running from the 28 May through the 27 June.

Inspired by The Bacchae, this is a contemporary story about the clash of opposites: opposite viewpoints, ideals, and lifestyles. Successful conservative businessman Paul is confronted with a dangerous realization that threatens his reputation and calls into question his whole world view. The reason behind it? A chance encounter with his polar opposite: the unapologetically queer, anarchist liberal Drew. As each audience member takes a different path through the experience, the piece asks them to evaluate whose side they are on in an attempt to highlight their own biases. Corporate greed, family secrets, prejudice, and sexuality all come to the fore in this bold and feisty adaptation, incorporating the audience’s decisions into a fluid narrative, dramaturged and edited by Aida Rocci.

Discussing the process of developing Echo/Chamber and its significance to Aslant Theatre, the co-creator of the piece Antonia Georgieva said: “Creating this digital piece has opened up a whole new world for how we develop, distribute and think about our work as a company. More and more hybrid forms are emerging, and it’s an incredibly exciting process to witness and be a part of as the very identity of theatre is shifting away from the purely analog.”

Echo/Chamber explores a hybrid form that borrows from the vocabulary of both film and theatre to make this a memorable interactive experience that actively engages the audience in the story. Seeking to discover the nuance in an increasingly polarized world, Echo/Chamber puts our individual moral compass in the spotlight.

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