Interview with Sooz Kempner

Sooz Kempner stars in Long Cat Media’s brand new five-part musical podcast series The Ballad of Anne & Mary, which tells the story of Anne Bonny and Mary Read, two of the most notorious pirates who ever lived. I caught up with Sooz to find out more.

Can you tell me about The Ballad of Anne and Mary? 
It’s a musical based on the lives of Anne Bonny and Mary/Mark Read, the most famous female pirates of the golden age of pirates (that’s what I call the era). Surprisingly little info is out there about the two of them despite their notoriety so this musical podcast adventure gives them the tribute they’ve always deserved.

What attracted you to the project?
I’ve known Lindsay and Laurence at Longcat for years and got to play some really fun characters in Mockery Manor, their previous podcast drama. This just felt like such a huge project and I just had to get my teeth stuck in to a challenge this big, as soon as they asked if I’d do it I was in! It’s pirates and women, how could I say no!?

Can you tell me about your character?
Read is an enigma, something they’ve been forced to be living as a soldier for so many years. They take no bullshit but there is also a lot of vulnerability there too.

What can listeners expect?
Stonking songs and a real good old-fashioned swashbuckler but with a really fresh edge and true Hollywood-levels of production.

How did you find the experience of recording the podcast in lockdown?
At first it was incredibly daunting but Lindsay and Laurence made it so easy. They knew what they wanted and gave us great material to work with so as much as it would have been amazing to be in the room with Christina, Karl and the other fantastic cast members I didn’t feel like I missed out by recording everything alone in my bedroom.

Can you sum up the musical podcast in three words?
Pirates. Feminism. Burps.

The Ballad of Anne & Mary is on all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Acast and Google Podcasts as well as on

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