News: ‘Dumbledore Is So Gay’ returns for limited run at The Pleasance

A VAULT Festival sell out, Dumbledore Is So Gay returns to serve Harry Potter nostalgia at The Pleasance Theatre this autumn. Written by Robert Holtom (The Quest and The Cluedo Club Killings, Arcola Theatre) and directed by Tom Wright (My Dad’s Gap Year, Park Theatre; Undetectable, King’s Head Theatre), the production is an homage to coming out and coming of age in the 2000s.

Life is far from straight for Jack: he’s in love with his best friend, he dodges bullies worse than Crabbe and Goyle and, according to the official online quiz, he’s a Hufflepuff. On a mission to get the guy, with a trusty Time Turner in his hand, Jack has the chance to turn back time and re-write history in his favour.

An optimistic celebration of love and resilience, Dumbledore Is So Gay was a critically acclaimed hit at VAULT Festival. The play shines a light on the struggle of coming out when ‘gay’ was a playground insult. While Jack’s story deals with tragic teenage isolation, what emerges is the importance of self-love and friendship to face the toughest of trials.

Producer Hannah Elsy comments, The demand from audiences to see Dumbledore Is So Gay have a future life after VAULT Festival was extraordinary, and a testament to the compelling production Robert Holtom and Tom Wright presented in February 2020. I was moved to tears of allyship at the end of the performance. I’m proud to bring this sell-out, joyous feat to a new venue this autumn. We all need some magic in our lives right now, so we welcome you to come to celebrate life, love and Harry Potter with us!

Audiences delighted in identifying with Dumbledore Is So Gay in February 2020. Reaching for characters and images from JK Rowling’s world as both a comfort and source of strength, the true magic of the play comes from the determination of its young characters to right the wrongs of the past and build a better future. Every twist of the Time Turner reveals and celebrates how wise heads on young shoulders can change the world!

Dumbledore Is So Gay is at The Pleasance Theatre from 21 – 26 September 2021.

Photo credit: Gabriel Mokake

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