News: Trinity Theatre presents The Miraculous Mis-Adventures of Robin Hood this half-term

A musical band of brothers (and others) will stomp onto the stage at Trinity Theatre this February with The Miraculous Mis-Adventures of Robin Hood, a family production that revitalises the classical tale of Robin Hood for young audiences. This sprightly, Sherwood-themed show features a whopping twenty-one characters, six boisterous songs, a carousel of musical instruments and a classic story that still brings important lessons and insights to audiences today.

The Miraculous Mis-Adventures of Robin Hood is a hilarious musical reimagining, featuring original music that will capture the imagingation of audiences young and old. Morris dancing, sword fights, awful archery and hundreds of costume changes appear alongside, to re-create the lively atmosphere that theatre has been bringing to audiences since Shakespeare’s time. Audiences of all ages will enjoy this production, as the troupe of talented singers and actors guide viewers through the story with engaging storytelling, interspersed with harmonious singing and quick-witted lines. The Miraculous Mis-Adventures of Robin Hood invites its audience to join Three Inch Fools on the road, with a hilarious production packed with squabbles over casting, a battle for top billing and the flare-up of a few personalities. This fast-paced romp will leave audiences laughing long after the curtain closes.

Five actors, one folktale, and all manner of instruments; The Miraculous Misadventures of Robin Hood will be brought to Trinity Theatre by Three Inch Fools. This critically-acclaimed theatre company travel the UK as a motley troupe of players, known for their unique take on beloved stories and fairytales, reimagining them with productions like The Prince and The Pauper and Much Ado About Nothing.

Artistic Director of Trinity Theatre, Sean Turner, commented: “Making this show was one of the purest theatrical joys I have ever had, and I think it shows in how much fun the audiences had last summer. I can’t wait to bring it back and hear the audience’s laughter again. The show was made to played open air but think it could be even more of a treat indoors.”

Banding together a talented cast, musical madness and a love for theatre’s roots, this is storytelling at its most exciting – an unmissable treat for families this half term!

To book tickets visit

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