News: Exhibition of rare Aubrey Beardsley collection to re-launch Shapero Rare Books on New Bond Street

Renowned draughtsman and illustrator Aubrey Beardsley shocked and thrilled audiences with his decadent monochrome drawings. This important collection, started by Rainforth Armitage Walker and continued by W. G. Good, comprises all the major works in the artist’s canon and is the most comprehensive collection of Beardsley’s printed works ever assembled. Exploring the outlandish, the comical,... Continue Reading →

Review: Naughty Boy, Eddy Brimson

In 2019 author and comedian Eddy Brimson’s play Naughty Boy made its debut at the Edinburgh Festival. Now almost two years later, Brimson has released a novella of the same name, an extended version of his critically-acclaimed play.  Naughty Boy focuses on Joe, who tells his story from the canteen of a mental health unit.... Continue Reading →

Review: The Last Goodbye, Fiona Lucas

It’s been almost three years since Anna’s husband Spencer died in a tragic accident and she’s still finding it difficult to come to terms with his death and move on with her life. After a particularly disastrous New Year’s Eve she dials Spencer’s old phone number just to hear his voicemail but to her surprise... Continue Reading →

Review: The Crow Folk, by Mark Stay

A compelling tale of witchcraft, demons and um…bellringing, The Crow Folk is the latest novel from author Mark Stay and the first in The Witches of Woodville series. Set in 1940s rural Kent, The Crow Folk tells the story of 17 year old Faye Bright who lives with her father following Her mother's death when... Continue Reading →

The art of self-sabotage

In recent years I’ve read a number of self-help books, but I’ve rarely felt that they’ve had a positive impact on me and my life. Sometimes I’ve found it hard to connect with it or the exercises difficult to keep up with, while at other times I’ve put down a book feeling worse than when... Continue Reading →

Review: Cheer the F**k Up, Jack Rooke

Writer, comedian and campaigner Jack Rooke has certainly made a name for himself in recent years, what with his hit Edinburgh shows, Good Grief and Happy Hour, and BBC 3 television series Happy Man, which have focused on grief and mental health. And now Rooke brings his experiences to the literary world with his new... Continue Reading →

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