News: Creation Theatre presents Alice – A Virtual Theme Park

Site-responsive and immersive theatre-makers Creation Theatre and Big Telly Theatre Company present an innovative and fresh take on Lewis Carrolls’ Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Teaming up with, ground-breakers in interactive and immersive storytelling technology, this digitally advanced production, blends live acting and the latest in AI and online video techniques. Audiences will be invited... Continue Reading →

News: Theatres Trust statement in response to the UK Government’s rescue package for the arts

With the news being published tonight announcing the £1.57 billion rescue package for the arts, Jon Morgan, director of The Theatres Trust, a national advisory public body for theatres, has released the following statement: "Theatres Trust greatly welcomes the government’s announcement of £1.57bn additional support for the arts and cultural sectors.  It is a strong... Continue Reading →

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