Interview with Cressida Peever

Shotgun Carousel's latest immersive experience Red Palace opens at the Vaults next month. I spoke with writer Cressida Peever to find out more.  Can you tell me about Red Palace? Red Palace is an immersive fusion of theatre, cabaret and circus. Produced by Shotgun Carousel, it combines their signature sass and spectacle with the gothic... Continue Reading →

Interview with Nick Lane

This autumn, Blackeyed Theatre will be embarking on a nationwide tour of its latest production, a new adaptation of Jane Eyre. I caught up with writer Nick Lane to find out more about his adaptation of Charlotte Brontë’s classic. How did you first get into writing? I guess you’d say it was a combination of... Continue Reading →

Review: The Colours, Soho Theatre

Death, it's the one certainty in life and yet it's something that's not often openly talked about in our country. Thankfully Crowded Room, which creates theatre to help stimulate discussion, aims to change that with its latest production, The Colours, now playing at Soho Theatre. Written by Harriet Madeley, who also performs in the play,... Continue Reading →

Review: Whodunnit (Unrehearsed), Park Theatre

With no funding from the Arts Council or local government, the Park Theatre relies on fundraising to keep its doors open and provide a valuable service to the local community. Thankfully its latest comedy, Whodunnit (Unrehearsed) aims to not only raise much-needed funds for the theatre, but to provide audiences with an utterly hilarious experience... Continue Reading →

Review: GREY, Ovalhouse

“Why can’t I just be happy? What have I got to be sad about? I’m in the prime of my life...” An autobiographical play written by Koko Brown, GREY explores black women’s mental health, living with depression and the taboos surrounding it. Following the success of WHITE, a one-woman show about identity, Brown returns to... Continue Reading →

Review: Bare: A Pop Opera, The Vaults

Since its debut off-Broadway almost twenty years ago, the musical Bare: A Pop Opera has gained a cult following among fans and now returns to the stage with a limited run at the Vaults. With music from Damon Intrabartolo and lryics by Jon Hartmere (who joined forces to write the book), the musical follows a... Continue Reading →

Interview with Kerry Fitzgerald

Kerry Fitzgerald is an actor, writer and one half of feminist theatre company, Purple Ostrich Productions along with Lise Knudsen. I caught up with Kerry to find out about her comedy spoof seminar Come Hygge Yourself, which arrives at the King's Head Theatre next month. Can you tell me a little bit about Come Hygge... Continue Reading →

Review: Custody, Ovalhouse

Four actors are on stage, each moving slowly in a dreamlike fashion, pained expressions on their faces. Suddenly they stop in their movement and begin to speak in unison, mimicking a police officer delivering bad news. “There...There was...There was a...There was a bit...There was a bit of....There was a bit of a scuffle...and I’m...I’m sorry... Continue Reading →

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