News: Production images released for Bonnie and Clyde at the Arts Theatre

BONNIE AND CLYDE THE MUSICAL began performances at The Arts Theatre this week, starring Frances Mayli McCann as ‘Bonnie Parker’, Jordan Luke Gage as ‘Clyde Barrow’, Natalie McQueen as ‘Blanche Barrow’ and George Maguire as ‘Buck Barrow’. The full company includes Cleve September as ‘Ted’ and Ako Mitchell as ‘Preacher’, Pippa Winslow as ‘Cumie Barrow/Governor... Continue Reading →

Review: Six, Arts Theatre

"Divorced, beheaded, died. Divorced, beheaded, survived." We’re no doubt all familiar with the story of Henry VIII and his many marriages in his quest to have a son, but now thanks to Six, each of his six wives finally get to take to the mic and tell her own story for the very first time. Written... Continue Reading →

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