News: Rehearsal photos released for Bridewell Theatre’s For the Sake of Argument

Rehearsal photos have been released for the hard-hitting For the Sake of Argument, which follows the story of Eleanor Hickock, a passionate and argumentative polemical journalist who becomes the Iraq War’s chief evangelist. Playing at London's Bridewell Theatre, this hard-hitting production interrogates the power and danger of language, as one journalist’s words send a young man... Continue Reading →

Welcome…? Review

Performed at the Bridewell Theatre in an enticing lunchtime slot, Welcome…? is a ground-breaking play that seeks to challenge the narrative around out-of-work pregnant female actors and is the first theatrical production in the UK to star two pregnant performers. Written by Lily Lowe-Myers in just three weeks and staring both Lowe-Myers and Robyn Cooper,... Continue Reading →

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