News: KVN Dance Company presents Coppelia

This autumn, KVN Dance Company presents its inaugural performances of Kevan Allen’s reimagined version of the classic ballet Coppelia, premiering at The Cockpit from 2 – 11 September. For Coppelia Kevan will expand and develop the existing story, delving deeper into the background of the characters and immersing the audience into the sometimes-unsettling mind of... Continue Reading →

News: Bodywork Company announces new commercial dance course lead by industry professionals

This autumn, a collective of the UK’s leading professional commercial dancers will be offering a brand-new training experience with Bodywork Company’s The Society of Commercial. Representing the cutting edge of a fast-evolving industry, this exclusive training experience will expose participants to new choreography and techniques, honing their craft across an intensive 12-week course. Participants will... Continue Reading →

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