News: Brixton House’s House to House: 360° plays from Ovalhouse archives

Scheduled to open in Spring 2021, Brixton House is taking the opportunity during lockdown to look back on some of its brilliant productions from its Ovalhouse days. Four productions that were filmed by LIVR, the 360° virtual reality theatre platform, will be released across four weeks. Random Selfies from Mike Kenny, WHITE and GREY from Koko Brown, and Derailed from Little Soldier will... Continue Reading →

Review: GREY, Ovalhouse

“Why can’t I just be happy? What have I got to be sad about? I’m in the prime of my life...” An autobiographical play written by Koko Brown, GREY explores black women’s mental health, living with depression and the taboos surrounding it. Following the success of WHITE, a one-woman show about identity, Brown returns to... Continue Reading →

News: Ovalhouse announces 2019 summer season

With only two seasons left before Ovalhouse moves into its new home in Brixton, their 2019 summer season is packed full of extraordinary artists making bold new plays with three full length shows and four FiRST BiTES. For the first time, Ovalhouse has programmed an incredible showcase of six new plays by their Young Associate... Continue Reading →

Interview with Owen Calvert-Lyons

Random Selfies comes to the Ovalhouse later this month. I caught up with Director Owen Calvert-Lyons, Head of Theatre at the Ovalhouse, to find out more about his upcoming production and what's in store for the theatre going forward. Can you tell me what Random Selfies is about? Random Selfies is about a lonely girl in a... Continue Reading →

Review: Smack That (A Conversation), Ovalhouse

Beverly’s having a party, and everyone’s invited. There’s food, drink, balloons, party poppers, games and music – everything you could possibly want. Only soon it becomes apparent that this is no ordinary party. Created and choreographed by Rhiannon Faith, who doesn’t shy away from dealing with sensitive issues, Smack That (A Conversation) is an immersive... Continue Reading →

The month ahead: February

January may have been the longest month ever but finally February is here, and with it comes a whole host of new shows to see. Here are a few of the theatre productions, events and books I’ll be blogging about this month. Theatre Fasten your seatbelts...! One of the hottest tickets of the year, the... Continue Reading →

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