Review: Custody, Ovalhouse

Four actors are on stage, each moving slowly in a dreamlike fashion, pained expressions on their faces. Suddenly they stop in their movement and begin to speak in unison, mimicking a police officer delivering bad news. “There...There was...There was a...There was a bit...There was a bit of....There was a bit of a scuffle...and I’m...I’m sorry... Continue Reading →

News: Koko Brown’s GREY comes to Ovalhouse

Following her five-star solo show WHITE, Koko Brown now brings the world premiere of GREY, the second instalment of her Colour Trilogy, to Ovalhouse this summer. This autobiographical new show candidly explores depression and challenges the taboos which so often obscure black women’s mental health. But, this is not a production about suffering from depression,... Continue Reading →

News: Ovalhouse Announces 2019 Spring Season

The Ovalhouse Theatre has announced its 2019 Spring programme, which includes the two full-length shows Smack That and Random Selfies. 2019 is a significant year for Ovalhouse as it marks their final year programming theatre in their current home, before embarking on an exciting nine months, staging performances in unusual locations prior to moving into their new space in... Continue Reading →

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